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Essex County, North Shore Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to add shape and dimension to your property. They last for decades and prevent the erosion of your soil. By installing a retaining wall the soil stays where it is and that means better areas to plant or play. Certain areas are too sloped or erode too quickly for grass beds or plants to grow properly. Retaining walls allow for a more level green space and prevent the nutrients in the soil from being swept away by wind and rain.

Retaining walls are more than just a way to save your Essex County, North Shore soil. They create levels to your property and can be extremely useful when designing a landscape. If a person wants to section off their garden from the rest of their lawn or have levels around your fire place so that wind does not disturb your fun (a real fire pit), retaining walls can give the protection and look you want and need.

The walls can be made from a great variety of different stones and materials so that they can be seamlessly integrated into the look of your Essex County, North Shore property. They require very little maintenance and increase the value of your property.

If you are looking to prevent soil erosion, flatten a slope or give your yard a tiered look then a retaining wall is what you need. CK Landscape and Hardscape LLC can build the retaining wall to protect your property and enhance its look.