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Salem Landscape Design

Your house may be picture perfect but it is your yard which frames your home. Due to the advances of modern day technology, people are spending more and more time at home. Not surprising considering the internet and other modern communication systems lets you do pretty much anything from home. As people are spending more time at humble abodes they are also spending more time and money to make their landscapes more beautiful.

CK Landscape and Hardscape LLC. is here to work with you to make your yard the yard you always wanted. As experts in landscape and landscape design we know how a different layout of your greenspace can change the whole look and feel of your property. That is why we work with our customers in a step by step process to ensure that they get the design they wish for their yard. We take into consideration the property characteristics such as the lay of the land, water and sunlight access, and soil health. With this knowledge in hand we check back with the customers wishes and budget to design your ideal landscape. Even if you are not completely sure what you want our team of designers will give you a wide array of possible suggestions so you know all the possibilities your property holds for you.